Slots Strategy

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Slots are said to be the ultimate game of chance. Pure luck and random outcomes govern each game, and no skill is required of players whatsoever. Slot machines were first manufactured for casinos to provide a diversion to the wives and girlfriends of serious casino gamblers burning time and money at the game tables. Hence, the easiest and least expensive casino game, with a mojo that works on just about anyone. And in return for practically zero effort on your part, the next spin is always potentially worth a million-dollar jackpot.

If you base the wagers placed at a rate of 10 spins per minute and an average payout rate of 90%, you should expect to wager the following amount of money (based on the denomination of the slot):

5¢ slots – $9 per hour
25¢ slots – $45 per hour
$1 slots – $180 per hour
$5 slots (most progressive machines) – $900 per hour

This is simply the amount of money that you will be wagering and not how much you will win or lose in that amount of time. Remember every spin is individual just because you have watched someone feed a machine for ages without winning does not mean a jackpot is due, it maybe but there again it may not.

But don’t lose heart the increase in options on machines now means there are few where the player can’t make some choices about nudging or holding etc. So how to best use these options, well unfortunately the vast variety of games and machines out there make it almost impossible to define an exact set of rules you need to know certain things about the game/machine you are playing you can then adjust your play accordingly.

Things you need to know include:

  • The amount paid out for each combination
  • Whether each symbol is equally likely to occur
  • What percentage of the time certain actions are successful

I haven’t come across a list of this information anywhere if you find once you’re in front but remember it will be different for every slot game. If you are looking for slot games to play, you should take a look at the website.

Assuming you have the time money and inclination you could record every play you make at a certain machine building up information on not only the winning symbols but also any others visible, the result of all the nudge, hold actions you made and then after about a thousand spins you may have enough information to start analyzing the machine.

So what are you going to do with all this data, well let’s assume your machine has four reels and plays some kind of card game where the a good payout is for three aces, after looking at all your data you may find that reels 1 and 3 show far fewer aces than reels 2 and 4 from this you could surmise that it is worth holding if 1 and 3 both have aces (because 2 and 4 are more likely to change to aces) but not when 2 and 4 are both aces. As I said earlier the possibilities are endless the more you know the smarter you can play but when the data sorting takes the buzz away its time to just play.

Strategies for playing slot tournaments

This is not entirely different when it comes to playing in a slot tournament. For each tournament, you will have a featured slot machine. You will need to know the intricate payout probabilities to capitalize on your chances of moving up the leaderboard. This entails careful analysis over several thousand spins so you get the feeling of the timing of a particular game.

Questions you need to ask yourself include “How often do I receive a large payout of 10x or more and am I overdue?” or “How often does the bonuses appear and is this likely to occur in the near future?” These questions are half guess and half timing based on lots of practice with a single game. But it is possible to maximize the times where the machine is hitting and minimize the risk when the game has stopped paying for a cycle.

As with anything else, practice makes perfect. The nice part about slot tournaments is that it doesn’t take a large bankroll to make several thousands of spins to figure these things out. If you employ some basic money management techniques, you can keep yourself going for a long time on a smaller budget.

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