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A wide variety of online gambling sites, including poker websites and casino sites, offer online gambling tournaments. Most casino tournaments require you to pay an entry fee, while others are offered as free promotions. These tournaments are not regularly offered for all game types. The most common online gambling tournaments pertain to game types such as blackjack, slots and poker. The best online gambling tournaments offer extremely lucrative rewards for winners, often exceeding hundreds of times the value of the buy-in.

How To Find Online Gambling Tournaments

At some online casinos, you’ll usually be able to find these tournaments by clicking on the Promotions or Tournaments page. This should offer a listing of the available tournaments, as well as information such as their start times, included game types, maximum players, payout structures and any additional rules that players should understand. Note that online gambling tournaments can offer wildly different rules depending on where you play, and an understanding of tournaments rules at one site may not translate to a different site.

From here, players must register for a real money account and place a deposit. This is necessary because most online gambling tournaments require a real money buy-in fee, which you’ll only be able to pay after funding your account. Next, you can click on the tournament you wish to enter, pay the buy-in and prepare your strategy for the tournament. Some tournaments will not begin unless a certain number of players have entered. In this case, you’ll be eligible for a refund of your buy-in fee at reputable online gambling tournament sites.

Entering Online Gambling Tournaments Without A Buy-In

According to, some online gambling tournaments allow some or all players to enter without paying an entry fee. These are usually offered on a promotional basis. When a tournament is free to all players, it’s often referred to as a freeroll. Some of the ways in which players can enter online gambling tournaments for free include:

– Signing up as a new player at the site.

– Making your first real money deposit.

– Completing a Refer a Friend promotion, in which you and your referred friend may both receive a free entry ticket to an online gambling tournament.

– Reaching a certain level in an online gambling site’s VIP program, usually accomplished by earning a given number of VIP points by wagering real money.

It’s important to remember that the aforementioned methods of entering online gambling tournaments for free may not be available at all sites. For example, making your first deposit may result in an initial deposit bonus based on the size of your deposit, as opposed to a free tournament entry ticket.

Types Of Online Gambling Tournaments

Aside from the aforementioned freeroll tournaments which don’t require a buy-in, entry fee online gambling tournaments are usually divided into two categories: sit and gos and scheduled tournaments.

Scheduled online gambling tournaments start at a predetermined time, regardless of how many players enter. There may be an exception to this rule if the roster is drastically smaller than what the online gambling site expected. You can increase your chances of winning online gambling tournaments by choosing scheduled tournaments that have a smaller player roster, thereby reducing some of the competition.

Sit and go online gambling tournaments only start once a predetermined number of players enter. Since sit and go tournaments don’t start at a definite time, it’s crucial to keep your eye on the tournament roster to determine the approximate starting time. If you aren’t present for the start of the tournament, you may be required to forfeit your buy-in fee.

Games Variants Used In Online Gambling Tournaments

At average online gambling sites, slots tournaments and blackjack tournaments are most common, though it’s typical to see other game types such as baccarat, craps and roulette used as well. In both blackjack and slots online gambling tournaments, the format often consists of playing as many hands or spins as possible within a given time limit.

Following the expiration of the time clock, all of those who entered the tournament will receive a payout based on their placement within the tournament leaderboard. The player who earns the most credits will receive the biggest payout.

Alternatively, you may be required to play a certain amount of spins or hands without worrying about a time clock. This allows for a more leisurely pace of play, though even these types of online gambling tournaments usually impose some kind of time limitation to prevent players from extending the tournament unnecessarily.

Most poker tournaments and some blackjack tournaments use an elimination format instead of a simple leaderboard. Multiple tables are used, and the least successful players from each table are eliminated while the winners move on until only one table remains.

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