How to Win a Slot Tournament

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There are several different types of slot tournaments that I have seen offered. You will find variations in the rules for each tournament as well as a thousand different possible slot machines, each of which also have their own rules.

However, I can distill these tournaments into two main categories: Timed Slot Tournaments and Accumulation Slot Tournaments. I’ve made those two terms up, but I think that they are appropriate.

Timed Slot Tournaments

Timed slot tournaments usually last less than an hour of actual playing at the slots. You will be given a certain number of starting balance and a certain amount of time, usually between 10 minutes and an hour. The goal is to get the highest possible score in that time period to win the tournament.

Luck has a big factor in this style of game. You need the reels to get hot while you are playing, triggering bonus features and free spins or just landing on a large payline. You will usually have control of the amount you bet on a spin. This may be critical if you run out of balance before you run out of time.

You will find that most slots go in some kind of cycle. Whether the feature is triggered on average in 150 or 200 spins, that can only be figured out after you have several thousand spins on that particular slot machine.

But, you can get a general feel for when the game has gone cold and you aren’t winning anything. That is the best time to lower your wager and spin 10 to 20 times or until you start hitting paylines again.

Sometimes you will get several big hits in a short period of time; obviously this would be the best time to have a higher wager on the spin. It’s kind of a combination between luck and common sense and it doesn’t work all the time.

Many of these types of tournaments will have a Rebuy feature. This will allow you to try again from the beginning and try to post a better score. The person with the highest score at the end of the tournament period will win the grand prize. There may be only 1 winner, but sometimes there can be up to 100 winners.

In the end, you will need luck in order to win a timed slot tournament. Since everyone only has a limited time to post a high score, you need to hit a big payline which can be rare (once in every 50,000 or more spins). Otherwise, you just need the reels to pay out more often for you than anyone else.

Accumulation Slot Tournaments

This type of tournament allows players to have free run with there time in the tournament. Your not under any type of pressure to constantly spin because you can have all day, all week, or even all month to play in the slot tournament.

You will receive a starting balance when you buy in to the tournament. From there, the object is to accumulate the largest balance out of all the tournament entries by the time the tournament ends.

Often, I will see the starting balance start out at 200 and the winner at the end of the month will have 80,000. It’s less dramatic then that when you only have a week or a day to accumulate a total.

Because each slot tournament has a featured slot machine, that means that you will get many thousands of spins on a single slot. If you are paying attention, you will start to see certain trends repeat themselves: how often the features are triggered, how often a big payline is won, how often a 10+ spin payline drought occurs, how often you go 20+ spins without a winning spin, etc.

You can use that information to raise and lower your bets accordingly. The people that run away with the score often get to a point where they can afford to bet the maximum bet when they suspect that a big payline is well overdue.

With this type of tournament, you will need to spin thousands of times over the course of the tournament. You may spend more than 6 hours in any single day if you really want to win.

Some tournaments offer an autospin feature. This can be really helpful because it will allow you to set important milestones such as winning or losing X amount during autospins or stopping when a big payline is won.

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