What is a Slot tournament?

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A Slot Tournament is exactly what it sounds like, a tournament with slots! In order to join a slot tournament simply pay the entry fee, wait for the tournament to begin, then spin away.
Slot Tournaments work with a timer, where everybody gets either a certain amount of time or credits to simply win as much as you can. If its timed version, there is a countdown clock and once it hits Zero your tournament is over. In a credit tournament, you start off with x number of credits, and once those are all used up, your tournament is over. Many tournaments use a combination of time and credits, and whichever one finishes first ends the game.

Some slot tournaments allow rebuys and addons. Rebuys are if you play all over again, and addons either continue your time or give you more credit.
There are also multi-day slot tournaments consisting of various rounds. If you make the leaderboard, you continue onto the next round.

Free Slot Tournaments
Freeroll slot tournaments are those online slot tournies with no entry fee. There are special promotions provided by the online casino to entice players to play. Freerolls are great as you don’t have to risk any of your own money, but still win nice cash prizes. Some free slot tournaments even reach as high as $100,000. That’s a lot of free money. Also note that some free slot tournaments also allow money addons. Your first entry is free but allow $ addons so that you can addon more credits or time.
How to win a slot tournament?
How do you win a slot tournament you ask? There is no strategy, just a lot of run good luck. Some quick slot tournament strategy tips include:
• Hit the button as fast you can but there is no need to hit the buttons when the slot reels are spinning, you are just wasting your energy. When the reels are slowing down, just hammer the spin button.
• Always max bet. You cannot hit jackpots if you don’t max bet.
• Check the payout percentage. Some tournament slots allow various games to be played. Find the one with the highest payout percentage and you might have a slight edge..

Remember have fun playing your next slot tournament, and be sure to check out or recommended casinos offering these slot tournaments.

Slot Tournament News


Free Slot Tournaments

€30k Freeroll

Where: Golden Riviera Casino
Prize Pool:
First Prize: €5,000
Tournament Dates: 24/02/[email protected] GMT– 05/03/2011 @22h00 GMT
Entry: FREE!
Game: Ladies Nite